London holidays

                                                                   FIRST IMPRESSION


I was lucky to win a trip to study in London and I am very happy about that!I liked my first day at SGI a lot! After passing the test, I joined the group; there were students from different countries. There were students from Brazil, Italy, Syria, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Fortunately lessons were very clear and interesting; moreover it was exciting to learn about people from other countries. After my studies my new friends and I went on a tour bus in the center of London. It was a great pleasure. I love London!



  I have a lot of emotions and I am excited! I love London and the school! After basic training, I went to my secondary group, there were 4 people. We were trying to talk a lot with each other! It was very interesting. After class, one of the teachers with his adorable dog gave us a tour where he told us all about the London Bridge! I understood almost everything! It was very interesting!




Every day I go to the school for 2 lessons for 90 minutes before lunch, and then I have an extra lesson after the main class, where there are me and another 3 students and a teacher. We do a conversational class on a topic that had been chosen earlier. Yesterday we played a word game, where each student was given several words, everyone had to explain his words to the group. I really liked this exercise as you have to speak a lot and try to understand as well as try to remember new words at the same time, there were some words which I did not know before.

After school my friends and I went for a walk around the central London. Our aim was to get to the Museum of Design, but our way there was  full of beautiful streets, buildings and of course cafes which we couldn't help but go into for a tea or coffee. And of course, we were too late for the museum! We intend to go there on Friday but at least now we know the road there and the times that the museum is open. 


Today was a very good day as always! The weather was up to its usual tricks ( rain,  sun and clouds). The lesson today flew very quickly. In the main class we spoke about ourselves extensively and about what we did yesterday and what we are going to do at the weekend. Unfortuately one of our students, Yara (from Syria) is already leaving on Sunday and we will miss her terribly. Within just a short week all of us became close friends and by the end of the week we could understand each other and even get each other's jokes. It's brilliant! All the staff at SGI are very kind and friendly!

Thank you to AAA English from English and SGI for the possibility to take these lessons in London. I really like it here.







 My next day at the school was great as always!  2 new students, a girl from China and a guy from Saudi Arabia, joined our group today. We've talked to them, and asked them some questions. Also one of our teachers Hannah went on vacation today and we have got a new teacher in the main class. I have got a new teacher in the secondary class too. I love it! In the secondary class we were asked to do difficult (to my perception) task. The teacher pronounced 10 questions very quickly, and we had to write down what we had heard ... Out of 10 questions I heard and wrote 6 correctly. After that we corrected our mistakes, and then the students had to ask each other the same questions, memorize the answers and write them down correctly. The task was a very dynamic and interesting! After lessons, my friends and I went on a tour in the castle of the Tower of London, where in addition to the interesting story we saw a lot of very beautiful royal crowns and items that are used for the coronation.



Once again, I am never ceased to be amazed by London with its rich and long history and beautiful traditions.






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