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AAA English Linguistics has been set up to help the many children who are either native-speaking or learning in an English native-speaking environment to cope with reading difficulties. Having used the programme for many years with Russian students of English, the school feels that the time is right to offer the system to help and support those, for whom it was originally intended - children struggling with Dyslexia or reading difficulties.

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Test the newest (and we believe most effective*)
way for any child to learn to read and spell,
with our unique Trainertext® System

The Painful Past
- If you have a child guessing short words, that is a classic symptom (that we see all the time)
of a failure of the reading system used... NOT the people involved. Here is what's happening.

The New Science - Guided Phonetic Reading (GPR) is an entirely new, research-based approach to reading, that we
have developed over the last 12 years. It makes decoding practice easy with the help of the imagery in our
Trainertext®. Finally, no more rules to learn that don't work!

With GPR the child is given an environment wtere susses is easy... and reading can be fun.

Proven Power
a) check our independent research data,
b) look at our archive of over 1500 testimonials,
c) ask to talk to a client nearby.

*We really don't know of any other reading and spelling system with
equivalent scientifically-collected results.



From as little €3000**, your child could overcome one of the most difficult challenges that any child faces at school - learning to read. And by overcoming that challenge, they can look forward to a life, renewed full of opportunities. For more information contact Michael on +7 910 450 9449+7 910 450 9449  or email

**133 lessons for the price of 100 at 1500 roubles per lesson

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