Напоминаем вам про конкурс!

Привет, ребята! Мы уже получили несколько замечательных сочинений от участников конкурса, проводимого нашим партнёром, компанией SGI. Напоминаем, главный приз - 2-х недельная поездка в Лондон, включающая бесплатный перелёт, проживание и 2-х недельный курс интенсивного обучения. Так что игра началась! Поэтому, ребята, начинайте строчить свои сочинения.

Nataliya Zimina (Feklisova)

What does Olympic spirit mean to me? The thirtieth summer Olympic games will be held for the third time in London next summer. Londoners will be happy, because the Olympic games is a festival of youth and beauty. They always make people feel that they can overcome their weakness and become powerful like Olympic Gods. They inspire people to go in for sport. It's also an event, which unites people of different nationalities. It's much better to take part in international sport competitions than in cruel wars. I think that the mascots of the future Olympic games, the drops, 'Wenlock and Mandeville', are the drops of winners' tears, full of joy and happiness.

"What does Olympic spirit mean to me?"
I'd like to be a tennis player
And every day I'd like to train
To go to London soon and there
To win at the Olympic games.

I'd like to see the Queen in London,
To go by double-decker twice,
I'd like to see Big Ben, the Tower,
They are so wonderful and nice.

But sadly I'm not a sportsman,
My heart is full of real joy,
That I can watch TV so often
And all Olympic sports enjoy.

I'll go to the court on a Sunday,
I'll play lawn tennis with my son,
I think that sport's a real wonder,
It brings us happiness like sun.

I hope that Olympic spirit -
Peace, beauty, victory and health -
Will always be an inspiration
And fill our lives with real wealth.

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