Treasure Hunt

So, my hearties, on Saturday 10th September the Treasure Hunt duly took place. Despite the atrocious weather, the turn-out was high, which reflects the optimism and positivity of both students and teachers at the school. “Come on rain, do your worst” was the cry of the day – and indeed it did try! Nevertheless, over the next 3 to 4 hours, the various teams ducked in and out of various cafes and under trees, trying to stay dry whilst attempting to solve the fiendishly devilish clues set by team Pete.

Таганский детский фонд


24 сентября - День Открытых Дверей

День Открытых Дверей!!!


24 сентября с 12.00 – 14.00


12.00 - Знакомство с нашими преподавателями из Англии.

12.30 - Демонстрация программ для детей. Вопросы родителей.

13.00 - Знакомство с расписанием. Запись в группы.

Successful completion of training

Congratulations to Tatiana Shikunova! She has successfully completed her General English Course at Pre-Intermediate level and passed the exam with a grade "A". Her husband, Denis Shikunov, who also trained in the classrooms of our school, has just taken up the opportunity to study on an MBA course in Ireland, and the newly qualified couple travel this weekend to Dublin. We wish them every success, in achieving new goals and in all their endeavours! Well done, guys!

Наши друзья